My New Camera...

I just bought Olympus Stylus 1050SW for RM1,099.00.. The price before discount was RM1,299.00..hoho..I just saved RM200.00..

Plus, i got 4GB microSDHC memory card for free~..Actually I planned to buy another series of Olympus camera..Stylus 850SW..the previous serie..then the salesman told me it was out of stock..aaahhh I was so frustrated.LOL. The old series got pink colour~ The new one dont have pink one!! So I picked silver..hoho..tensen sungguh~Hehe..the sales man was so nice..he even give me a pink actually worth if i'm not mistaken RM109.00 for free! wallaa~(die kesian kat aku kot)..kikiki..

But the most part i like about this camera is it can detect our smile and snap the picture by itself..hoho..lagi besh than using selftimer mode ar~


Yanie said...

cantiknye camera...nape x bli SLR trus je uja?kte mmg nk bli SLR D40 pn jd lh...skang dlm RM1400 je...hu3

uja said...

susah ar nak bawak kamera besar2 ni kalo kalo org len x tau ar..
tp kite mls nk bawak..hihihi