Cite Saus Kacang Best~

19/03/09 - My activities..
  1. Went to Jabatan Laut Wilayah Tengah to collect the LO.
  2. After work, me n Amy went to Midvalley to watch Saus Kacang movie.
  3. Dok lepak2 at Amy's place till late nite.

We really enjoyed the movie but Amy didnt stop talking!! I could not really concentrate though~LOL. But I recommend this movie to all my friends..

This the synopsis of the movie

Dewi (Bunga Citra Lestari) - Chef de Cuisine restaurant in a 5-star hotel in Bali - have been repeatedly make the underdog. Fredo (Ashraf Sinclair), a tourist from Malaysia which is very difficult hotel employees. He was moody, and often complain the most severe, he was happy to humiliate the hotel employees. But with a Goddess slogannya "There are no guests who can not face", this is a challenge

Dewi is too excessive need to realize they were not out of the house at the Nyepi. They also clean the temple impunity for several days. Times the punishment was revealed that they have the same fate in love. Their relationship more intimate and more cheerful serve a sentence.

When they are ready to undergo a new leaf, a former candidate fredo wife, Mae menyusulnya dating to Bali, offering love again. Fredo doubt, Dewi will also think the failure of love story will be repeated again?


Yanie said...

best eh, uja...nk ajak Ek g tgk lh nnt...hu3...

uja said...

p ar tgk..
romantik gak ar cite nie~hehe