Jalan2 smpi pengsan (*_*)

20/03/09 - My activities..

10.30 am - Went to Bahagian Perolehan, Uitm then back to the office

1.30 pm - Went home hehe..(I took half day off)

3.30 pm - Then pick up Nisah kat komuter pdg jawa

5.00 pm - Arrived at Sunway pyramid. We planned to go ice skating but it's so crowded.
Of cource ler..cuti skolah..kekeke..Then we changed our plan and went to Sunway Megalanes nak men bowling tapi..ade tournament plak..adehh..it's actually Canon 32nd Malaysian International Open. Then we thought of watching movie..but not even a movie could fit our really limited time..huhu..nisah had to be at KL by 8.30 pm..

6.30 pm - So we headed back to Shah Alam..and went to Plaza Alam Sentral and arrived at 7.00 pm. And we play 2 games of bowling..haha u know what..I forgot to bring socks and just realised when the person at the counter asked me. I had to buy from them which the size is so big smpi bile pki longgar gile haha~ dlm hati bongok gile aku nih..itu pong boleh lupe..(-_-) Ye la..it's been a long time not to play bowling..and everytime I play of course i'll bring my own shoes in a bag with my ball..i keep my socks in that shoes..pelupe btol aku nih..

8.00 pm - Dropping Nisah kat komuter pdg jawa. Say good bye to her..hoping she'll coming down to Shah Alam again..gonna miss her a lot. (^_^)..went to petrol station at section 7 before heading to Meru.

9.00 pm - Sampai rumah. Go to bed early coz my feet hurts and all of my body were so painful.

Although exhausted but I'm so happy coz dpt hangout ngan Nisah~ hehe

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